Altice IoT Challenge 2022 Aligns with 5G Connectivity

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October 25, 2022

The Artis Portugal For the seventh year in a row, celebrates the IoT challenge for enterprises and startups with the aim of taking the business market to another level.According to Altis, more The best Internet of Things solution.
Thus, the IoT challenge will repeat itself again in the 2022 edition. The winner was announced at an event held at the Altis Portugal headquarters in Lisbon last weekend.

12 companies participate in Altice Portugal’s IoT Challenge 2022

Our constant focus is on 5G connectivity and the possibilities the technology brings to the business ecosystem. 12 projects entered the competition of the 7th edition of the IoT Challenge.
Each aimed to address challenges in the areas of urban management, mobility and logistics, health and well-being, education, energy efficiency, environment and circular economy, industry or retail and services.
This year’s jury was made up by Nuno Nunes, Chief Commercial Officer/B2B of Altice Portugal. By João Teixeira, Chief Technology Officer, Altice Portugal and Diogo Lopes, Communications and Security Manager, Jerónimo Martins. Also by José Galvão, his IT director at Grupo Impresa, and Luís Rodrigues, director at Startup Braga.
These are the winners of the IoT Challenge 2022 promoted by Altice Empresas.

1. BlueEye Handsfree, RedZinc Company

BlueEye Handsfree consists of a “wearable” video solution.
Something that can be transmitted in real time, from the perspective of an expert on the move. Paramedics, community nurses, doctors, etc. It aims to support remote medical professionals while helping patients.
This integrated solution consists of a lightweight wearable camera that can capture live video with the BlueEye smartphone app using 5G mobile connectivity.
You can also remotely access live video with the cloud-based BlueEye ‘hot desk’.

2. MTI smart room, manage the intelligence company

MTI Smart Room is a solution that uses IoT and AI to increase the energy efficiency of accommodation units for the global tourist accommodation market.
In terms of hardware, non-intrusive, easy-to-install and configure IoT devices have been developed that work with any brand of air conditioner.

3. Spotlight, Eitra Company

The Spotlite solution consists of an infrastructure risk monitoring system.
It is based on satellite data, IoT sensors, and digital models (digital twins) to provide large-scale analysis of the structural stability of these infrastructures.
It is a system that acts as an online platform designed to serve the needs of various industries. Here specifically the management of transport infrastructure (road and rail), energy or mining.

Awards and honors for winners of the Altice IoT Challenge 2022

At this seventh edition, an honorary award was also given to the 5G Stream Live solution, a 5G solution that captures images and technical vehicle data instantly.
Thus, remote and automated actions can be enabled in real-time during emergencies, among other scenarios. The project is led by him KRS (Kevin Reimann Saraiva Team).

Nuno Nunes, CSO B2B at Altice Portugal, emphasizes the importance of this project.

“The IoT Challenge has gained space and notoriety among the business community because it is an opportunity to create innovative solutions that will impact tomorrow.”
“When we created this competition, we recognized that we would bring together and identify the best experts in the IoT space, the most disruptive ideas, and drive the country’s economic recovery and digital transformation.”
“We already have a seven-year history of leadership in products and solutions that improve the lives of people and businesses.»
In addition to offering three Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 128 GB 5G, the three winning teams can also see their IoT solutions integrated into Altice Empresas’ portfolio of products and services.
Held seven times, the IoT Challenge has already inspired around 220 participants, 80 companies and 24 winners, helping to strengthen the Portuguese market for Internet of Things solutions.
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