Altice IoT Challenge 2022 hand in hand with 5G connectivity

MTI na imprensa

October 27, 2022

THE Altice Portugal celebrates, for the seventh consecutive year, the IoT Challenge to companies and startups, with the aim of taking the business market to another level. According to Altice, bringing more and best Internet of Things solutions.
The IoT Challenge thus returned in its 2022 edition for another iteration. The winners were announced at the end of last week, in an event that took place at the headquarters of Altice Portugal, in Lisbon.

12 companies competed for Altice Portugal’s IoT Challenge 2022

Always focusing on 5G connectivity and the opportunities that technology will bring to the business ecosystem, 12 projects up for competition of the 7th edition of the IoT Challenge.
Each one aimed to respond to challenges in the areas of City Management, Mobility and Logistics, Health and Well-Being, Education, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Circular Economy, Industry or Retail and Services.

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