Want your Hotel turning into a



The Smart Solution to minimize up to 50% the energy
costs and maximize the comfort of the guest.

MTI has developed non-Intrusive IoT devices – MTI Smart Room – easy to install and configure that work with any brand and system of Air Conditioning. Our system can be installed in any kind of building, moreover, we are currently focused on the Global Hospitality Accommodation Industry.

MTI Smart Room allows savings up to 50% in the Electrical Consumption, in the accommodation unit, reducing the ecological footprint of Accommodation Units, and at the same time increases the thermal Comfort of the guest.

Our solution controls all of these situations, by turning off the equipment, or controlling the temperature automatically.

MTI Smart Room was developed to work with AVAC systems, once that these machines consume up to 60% of the electricity of the buildings, but it can also be applied to the lightning, TV and electric blackouts of the rooms.

MTI-Smart Room allows gains in the energy efficiency by monitoring, controlling and managing the available electrical equipment, ensuring the best comfort to the Guest and eliminating waste of electricity in the use of Air Conditioning systems.

Thereby, our solution includes 2 app: “Backoffice”, to be managed by the Hotel; “Client APP”, to be used by the guest. AI and Machine Learning algorithms to reduce operational costs and decrease electrical consumption of the buildings.

Allows remote or local control and monitorization of the installed air conditioning system independently of the brand allowing these systems to contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

Hardware/ Non-intrusive IoT devices, easy to install and configure that work with any brand of Air Conditioning System, developed by MTI.

Features in the Client APP

• Control the lighting, air conditioning, TV and electric blackouts of the rooms;

• Have access to graphs with consumption statistics and saving made from the room’s air conditioning system;

• Qualification system to measure the environmental footprint of the guest;

• Allocation of points for purchases depending on the ecological footprint of the guest;

• Have access to the temperature felt and humidity of the room;

• Access to automatic wake-up, night and rest scenarios.

In the BackOffice is possible to:

• Register the ecological footprint of the room/guest;

• Customize and control the lighting, air conditioning and TV of the room for preparation of welcome, farewell, wake-up, night and rest scenarios;

• Set the temperature comfort range;

• Have access to daily or monthly statistics and statistics of the electrical consumptions made by air conditioning system in Kwh and €;

• Record of space occupancy and brightness levels, door/window state, and implemented commands;

• Manage the IoT devices;

• On/Off of the air conditioning systems, Blackouts, and lightning, according to occupancy and presence in rooms;

• Automatic control of air conditioning according to:
 –  the season of the year 
 –  exterior temperature of the hotel
 –  light intensity of the room

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